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The treatments carried out by Softouch Spa turn out to be so effective as we carefully filter our Spa Care Product Supplier. Softouch is proud to produce it's own Ayurveda products, manufactured in the highest standards. Mila D'Opiz and Pevonia Botanica are our preferred luxury skin care product supplier.

Mila D'Opiz

Pevonia Botanica

Featured Products

Mila D'Opiz

Skin Whisperer

Eternal youth, a dream come true with The Skin Whisperer! Revolutionary, high performance ingredients convey a powerful message into the skin. The dermis responds communicating a firmer refined, plumped-up appearance, the skin is smoother and repair mechanisms are stimulated.
Pevonia Botanica

Soothing Sensitive Skin Cream

The products helps moisturize while healing and alleviating redness keeping the skin calm, reduce redness and irritation, strengthen, heal and protect with this hydrating moisturizer.
Mila D'Opiz

Photo Lift Cream

The unique rich Lifting Cream supplies an immediate uncover the skin of youth effect with long-term success thanks to its exceptional active ingredients. The combination of precious plant stem cells, natural untreated phytosterols and biotechnological formulae restores the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
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I have booked a 60 minutes facial treatment with the amazing Mila D'Opiz cosmetics. I'm a huge fan of this Swiss products! The therapist was perfect, she explained the different products and the miracles they do to the skin, which was very educating. During the face and head massage I felt a very deep relaxation! Definitive recommendable!!
Judith Dubai

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